Epson TeamLab Borderless Moves to Azabudai Hills with New Artworks, Tickets Now Available

Having relocated from Tokyo Odaiba, the ‘Mori Building Digital Art Museum: Epson TeamLab Borderless (referred to as TeamLab Borderless)’ is set to open at Azabudai Hills on February 9, 2024. Tickets are now available for purchase on the official website.

teamLab, People don’t see the world as through a camera, Entrance, teamLab Borderless, Azabudai Hills, Tokyo © teamLab

Ticket purchase available here
Official website:

TeamLab Borderless is a ‘Mapless Museum’ brought to life by the innovative art collective, TeamLab. Here, art breaks free from the constraints of rooms, moving, interacting, and influencing other pieces seamlessly, blurring the boundaries. In this new iteration of TeamLab Borderless, boundary-breaking art evolves even further, journeying to diverse locations, intricately connecting, and crafting a borderless world that is both timeless and ever-evolving. As people immerse their bodies in this borderless art, they ‘wander, explore, and discover.’

Upon the relocation opening, new pieces will be premiered, including:
Bubble Universe: Physical Light, Bubbles of Light, Wobbling Light, and Environmental Light
Flowers and People – Megalith Crystal Formation
Black Waves – Megalith Crystal Formation

Bubble Universe: Physical Light, Bubbles of Light, Wobbling Light, and Environmental Light

teamLab, 2023 (work in progress), Interactive Installation, LED, Endless, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

Bubble Universe is an interactive artwork that centers around TeamLab’s latest art project, ‘Existence in the Cognitive World.’ The space is filled with numerous clusters of spheres, each infused with different forms of light. This piece puts forth the idea that various phenomena persistently coexist with their environment, while delving into the exploration of cognition, existence, and the way humans perceive the world.

Within the spheres, there is a myriad of light: material lights that exist in physical space, large and intense lights reminiscent of soap bubbles, massive yet gentle jelly-like bouncing lights, and lights created by the surrounding environment. The countless lights within the spheres vary; some are constantly moving, while others remain completely still. Each sphere is a part of the environment and generates light in other spheres. While some of the lights are physically present, others don’t exist materially inside the spheres and come into existence through our perception.

Multitudes of Existence of Light
TeamLab – Bubble Universe: Physical Light, Bubbles of Light, Wobbling Light, and Environmental Light © TeamLab

When people pause near the spheres and stand still, the nearest sphere emits a strong glow, resonating with musical tones, and the light spreads to the closest sphere. This process continues as the light travels from one sphere to the next in a seamless sequence. The light constantly moves to the nearest sphere, creating a singular path that passes through each sphere only once. As a result, the light born from one person intersects with the light born from others. The resonating light changes based on the presence and interaction of people within the art space, creating a collective shared experience and expressing the beauty of continuity itself.

Flowers and People – Megalith Crystal Formation

teamLab, 2023 (work in progress), Interactive Digital Installation, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

In Megalith Crystal Formation, various boundary-less artworks that define TeamLab Borderless seamlessly move and transition from one room to another within the museum. Floating megaliths with blooming flowers fill the space, with the flowers perpetually undergoing cycles of growth and decay. As people approach and move around, the flowers scatter and fade away. However, when standing still near the artwork, the flowers grow and bloom more abundantly. The artwork isn’t comprised of pre-recorded images played back; instead, it is dynamically created by a computer program that continuously renders the work in real-time. It constantly evolves, influenced by the presence and interaction of people in the art space. The previous visual states can never be replicated, and the image you see at that very moment is something never to be witnessed again.

Black Waves – Megalith Crystal Formation

teamLab, 2023 (work in progress), Digital Installation, Sound: Hideaki Takahashi

In classical East Asian art, waves are commonly depicted using a collection of lines. These wave formations made of lines convey that each wave is one part of a larger flow. Within these arrangements of lines, there’s a palpable sense of life, evoking the impression that the waves themselves embody a living essence.

This depiction of waves involves a continuous flow of countless water particles, their interactions calculated to simulate three-dimensional water movement. The trajectories of these water particles create lines, sketching the surface of the three-dimensional wave. TeamLab uses their concept of an ‘Ultrasubjective Space’ to capture this three-dimensionally illustrated ensemble. Unlike spaces cut by lenses or perspectives, this approach allows viewers an unfixed viewpoint and freedom of movement. The wall reflecting the waves doesn’t act as a boundary between us and the artwork; rather, it expands the artspace and seamlessly merges with the physical space where people are present.

Moreover, the new Epson TeamLab Borderless will showcase several artworks centered around the theme of ‘Existence in the Cognitive World.’ Dive into a boundaryless world where complexity intertwines, inviting you to immerse yourself in the realms of eternity and beauty of continuous change.

Mori Building Digital Art Museum: Epson TeamLab Borderless
Location: Azabudai Hills Garden Plaza B B1 (1-2-4 Azabudai, Minato-ku, Tokyo)
Opening Date: February 9, 2024 (Friday) - Permanent
Opening Hours: 10:00 - 21:00
*Last admission is one hour before closing.
*Opening hours are subject to change. Please check the official website for updates.
Closed on: Every 1st and 3rd Tuesday
*Closed dates are subject to change. Please check the official website for updates.
Official Website:

Ticket Prices
Adults (18 years and older): ¥3,800 and up
Middle and High School Students (13 - 17 years): ¥2,800
Children (4 - 12 years): ¥1,500
Children (3 years and under): Free
Discount for individuals with disabilities: ¥1,900 and up
*Advance reservation with specified date and time is required.
*For adults and individuals with disabilities, a variable pricing system is implemented, with different amounts on different days. Please check the daily prices and purchase tickets with specified dates and times accordingly.
*If purchased on-site, an additional ¥200 will be charged on the above prices.



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