BOTANICAL POOL CLUB Begins Summer Reservations, Offering a One-of-a-Kind Experience of Pools, Music, and Sauna

BOTANICAL POOL CLUB, the luxurious hotel themed around a pool club, started accepting summer weekend reservations from Thursday, April 25, 2024. Now in its second year, the hotel will host DJ SUNSET ROSTER events with special guest DJs on weekends from July to September.


BOTANICAL POOL CLUB is a hotel that opened on August 25, 2023, in Chiba, offering a unique outdoor heated pool surrounded by lush botanical elements. The water’s temperature is carefully tailored to the outdoor conditions and can be enjoyed year-round. Spanning across a vast 10,000 square meters, the BOTANICAL space features over 300 varieties of distinctive plants, predominantly tropical palms suited to the climate of the Boso Peninsula. Venturing into the expansive area evokes a feeling akin to stepping into an unexplored jungle.

You can relax under swaying palm trees in the breeze, indulge in the pool all day long under the blue sky, and enjoy watching the sunset while soaking up the golden hour. Then in the evening, you can sip champagne by the poolside under the starry sky, enchanted by the flickering flames.

An Exclusive Paradise

The centerpieces of BOTANICAL POOL CLUB are the two pools situated at the heart of the facility. The 40-meter-long infinity pool, known as the BLACK POOL, overlooks the ocean. Surrounding the pool are swaying palm trees, and flames illuminating the area, which reflect on the water’s mirror-like surface. Coupled with the sky changing hues as the day goes by, leading to the golden hour, it’s a breathtaking and magical scene.

The SIGNATURE POOL, adorned with flames, features parasols, pool beds, and private POOL HOUSE areas where guests can enjoy their time in their own ways. Poolside amenities include a bar serving drinks and meals, as well as ROOFTOP SEAT areas offering prime views of the sunset sinking slowly into the horizon.

For sauna enthusiasts or those looking to rejuvenate their mind and body, the facility is equipped with two saunas. The SWEAT LODGE is an artistic sauna adorned with jungle-themed art and accommodates up to 10 people. It also features both a cold-water and a warm-water jacuzzi. The SWEAT BOX has an indoor temperature exceeding 100°C and features large glass windows offering a botanical view. It is also located poolside, so after enjoying the sauna, you can take a chilled cold-water shower and dive straight back into the pool.

21 Rooms Across 5 Types

Within the facility, there are a total of 21 rooms, including the following:
POOL SUITE: Featuring a private pool; guests can also enjoy BBQ on the terrace
POOL VILLA: Accommodates up to 6 guests, ideal for families or groups; equipped with a private pool

Guests staying in the POOL SUITE can directly access the BLACK POOL, SIGNATURE POOL, and POOLSIDE BAR, allowing for easy transitions between their room and the pool areas.

The floors and sofas in guest rooms and common areas are waterproof, so guests need not worry about changing multiple times and can leisurely spend the day in their swimsuits.

Experience a resort hotel like no other, BOTANICAL POOL CLUB, located just a short distance from Tokyo. With multiple access options, including helicopter transfer services, you can easily soar away from the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and escape to paradise.

Location: 1510-2 Shimosakuma, Kyonan, Awa District, Chiba
Official website:
Instagram: @botanicalpoolclub



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