Privacy Policy

Basic Principle of Personal Information Protection

ibma Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) conducts business activities centered on the creation of various designs. The Company considers the personal information acquired from clients through our business activities and the personal information of the Company’s employees (including specific personal information; hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”) to be extremely important, and we recognize that ensuring the protection of Personal Information is an important social responsibility of the Company.

Therefore, the Company will handle Personal Information as acquired through its business activities in accordance with the following policy and will provide a sense of security to clients and the Company’s employees, along with fulfilling our social responsibility in relation to the protection of Personal Information.


  • 1. Acquisition, use, and provision of Personal Information
    • – Personal Information shall be acquired in a legitimate and fair manner.
    • – Personal Information shall be used within the scope necessary for achieving the purpose of use.
    • – When providing Personal Information to a third party, prior consent shall be obtained from the subject individual.
    • – Acquired Personal Information shall not be used for any purposes other than the intended purpose of use. Also, measures shall be taken to ensure this.
    • – When it becomes necessary to use Personal Information for a purpose other than the intended purpose of use, such shall be used only after obtaining consent again.
  • 2. Laws & regulations, guidelines, and other norms stipulated by national governments (hereinafter referred to as “Laws”)The Company shall strive to grasp all Laws related to the handling of Personal Information at all times, along with complying with Laws and relaying them to employees that engage in such business (hereinafter referred to as “Engaged Persons”).
  • 3. Safe management of Personal Information
    • – In order to prevent various risks such as illicit access to Personal Information and any leakage, loss, or damage to Personal Information, a system for quickly taking corrective action for the safe management of Personal Information shall be established and maintained.
    • – Inspections shall be conducted, and any violations and incidents found shall be promptly corrected. At the same time, preventive measures shall be taken for vulnerabilities.
    • – Employees shall receive thorough education on safety.
  • 4. Complaints and consultationsFor complaints and consultations regarding the handling of Personal Information, a Personal Information inquiry desk shall be created, and a system for quick response shall be established. Complaints and consultations shall be handled sincerely.
  • 5. Continuous improvement
    • – Regarding the Company’s Personal Information protection management system, the status of compliance with internal rules shall be monitored and audited to ensure the protection of Personal Information, efforts shall be made to discover violations, accidents, incidents, and vulnerabilities, and a review shall be conducted by management. The results shall be reflected into management measures and internal rules, and continuous improvements shall be made to the Personal Information protection management system.
    • – When making improvements, we will ensure to be in compliance with Laws and JIS Q 15001.

Date of establishment: February 1, 2019

ibma Co., Ltd.

Yukinori Takeda, representative director

Regarding the handling of Personal Information

The Company shall comply with JISQ15001:2017 requirements and and shall publicly disclose the following.

Purpose of use when acquired from the subject individual via a means other than directly in writing

Type of Personal InformationPurpose of useDisclosure category
Data entrusted by a clientSending direct mail, responding to questionnairesNot disclosed

Purpose of use of owned personal data

Type of Personal InformationPurpose of use
Information about an inquirerResponding to the inquiry and providing information about services
Client informationContacting the client, performing the agreement, requesting performance, etc.
Information about potential employees/applicantsScreening during the hiring process, contacting such persons
Employee informationEmployment management such as human resources and general affairs

Procedure for requesting disclosure

In relation to personal data possessed by the Company, when the Company receives a request from a subject person or his/her proxy for notification regarding the purpose of use, disclosure, correction of details, addition or deletion, suspension of use, or erasure or suspension of provision to a third party (hereinafter referred to as “Disclosure Request”), the procedure shall be as follows.

  • 1. Where to submit Disclosure RequestsPlease send Disclosure Requests by postal mail with the necessary documents attached to the Personal Information Disclosure Request. When mailing the request form to the Company, use delivery-certified mail, registered mail, or other methods via which the record of delivery can be confirmed.Also, it would be appreciated if you could write “Personal Information Disclosure Request” in red on the envelope.
  • 2. Documents to submit when making a Disclosure RequestWhen requesting a Disclosure Request, etc., fill out all the necessary items in the Personal Information Disclosure Request before mailing it.
  • 3. Identity verificationIn order to confirm the identity of the person requesting a Disclosure Request, etc., the Company shall make an inquiry by phone. However, when it is not possible to make an inquiry by phone, you may be asked to submit a copy of your driver’s license, certificate of residence, health insurance card, etc.
  • 4. Disclosure Request by a proxyWhen entrusting a proxy to request a Disclosure Request, etc., in addition to the Personal Information Disclosure Request, enclose the following documents.
    • (1) Document (copy) to confirm the identity of the proxy Either a copy of the driver’s license, certificate of residence, or health insurance card must be included.
      * Please black out the permanent domicile in the copy.
    • (2) Letter of attorney (The subject person is asked to send a letter of attorney [with personal Japanese hanko seal] and to attach the seal registration certificate with seal impression. If the proxy is a legal representative such as a person with parental authority, a document that proves the relationship with the subject person can be submitted in lieu of the letter of attorney.)
  • 5. Fee for requesting disclosure or notification of the purpose of useWhen requesting disclosure or notification of the purpose of use of Personal Information, a fee of 500 yen (tax included) shall be charged per request. Enclose a postal money order for 500 yen with the submitted documents.The fee for purchasing the postal money order and the postage for mailing the documents to the Company shall be borne by the person making the request.Please note that if the fee is not sufficient or not enclosed, the Company will not be able to disclose or notify the purpose of use of the Personal Information.
  • 6. Response to requests for disclosure, etc.A document shall be mailed to the requester’s address as stated in the request form. Please contact the following inquiry desk if you have any questions, complaints, or need for consultation.

ibma Co., Ltd.

Personal Information Inquiry Desk EBISU-WEST4F, 1-16-15 Ebisu-nishi, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, Japan

TEL: 03-6416-7600 (10:00–17:00, Monday to Friday) FAX:03-6416-7602 (24 hours/day)

Person responsible for Personal Information
Chief privacy officer: Yukinori Takeda

Date of establishment: May 1 2023
ibma Co., Ltd.
Yukinori Takeda, representative director