Showcasing content on Japan from unique perspectives

Our vision is to share original and captivating content on Japan that sparks curiosity and goes beyond conventional travel information.
ZEROMILE showcases a diverse range of experiences, people, culture, and gourmet foods that capture our interest, filling the gaps left by existing travel resources.

As social media continues to drive a growing interest in Japan around the globe, bridging the psychological gap between consuming fragmented, localized information and actually embarking on a travel experience has become increasingly crucial.

When our personal curiosity fuels our desire to travel and explore, to see, taste, and experience things firsthand, no distance is too far.
We named our platform ZEROMILE with the goal of delivering information about Japan that stimulates intellectual curiosity. Our ultimate aim is to eliminate the psychological distance between travelers and their destinations, reducing it to absolute zero.

Embracing subjectivity when sharing interests

Rather than prioritizing speed or quantity, ZEROMILE focuses on presenting original and engaging content, carefully curated through our unique filter.
We understand what truly excites us, and we are eager to share it with the world to ignite curiosity for new discoveries.