SG Group’s ‘The SG Tavern’ Dining Bar Opens in Marunouchi

SG Group, which has won numerous awards in the World’s / Asia’s 50 Best Bars, opened the dining bar ‘The SG Tavern’ in Marunouchi, Tokyo on Tuesday, May 28, 2024. With multiple leading establishments in Shibuya, this exciting launch is the group’s first foray into the Marunouchi area.

Courageous Journeys of Cultural Exchange and Discovery

The theme of ‘The SG Tavern’ draws inspiration from the journeys of the young ‘Satsuma Students’ who traveled to Britain during the late Edo period to learn Western technology.

In the final years of the shogunate, the Satsuma domain witnessed the technological and military prowess of Britain during the Satsuma-British War of 1863. Realizing Japan must acquire Western knowledge to avoid becoming a colony of European powers, in 1865 a group of 19 Satsuma samurai broke the country’s travel restrictions and set out for Britain to study. These young men would go on to play a pivotal role in Japan’s modernization during the Meiji era after the Restoration.

Drawing inspiration from the experiences of the Satsuma Students, ‘The SG Tavern’ offers cocktails and cuisine that blend the alcohol culture and flavors the samurai encountered abroad with distinct Japanese elements, all presented in a classically-styled ambiance evoking that historic period.

The interior design was handled by Atsuhiko Sugiyama of THE WHOLEDESIGN. Carefully aged wooden furniture serves as the foundation, complemented by red bricks reminiscent of the Civilization Blossoming period and antique-style mirrors, creating a space that exudes the tranquility characteristic of Marunouchi. The façade facing the Naka-dori side is entirely glass, imbuing the area with a sense of openness and allowing guests to enjoy their cocktails while taking in the greenery outside. Patrons can choose to sit at tables, the counter, or even stand, to suit their preference or the occasion, and there are also semi-private booth seats available.

Collaboration Between NARISAWA and SG

The drinks menu features highballs inspired by the ports of call of the Satsuma Students, such as Hong Kong, Bombay, and Malta. Additionally, there is a new series of cocktails that take their motifs from the historical context of the time and the chronicles of the students studying abroad. The menu also focuses on Japanese spirits like sake and shochu, as well as a selection of domestic wines and local regional sakes that can be paired with the food and ambiance.

The cuisine traverses a wide spectrum, drawing inspiration from the ingredients and regional specialties encountered along the students’ travel routes – blending Japanese, Western, Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern influences. Particularly noteworthy are the five signature dishes supervised by Chef Yoshihiro Narisawa of the 14-time World’s 50 Best Restaurants honoree NARISAWA. These include a ‘Kobe Beef Stew’ simmered for six hours in a secret sauce, and a ‘Sweet Snapper Fish and Chips’ featuring seasonal premium fish – dishes so exquisite that they alone would be reason enough to visit.

The Marunouchi area where The SG Tavern is located, was once home to various military facilities in the immediate aftermath of the Meiji Restoration. However, as domestic unrest settled, the military relocated to the outskirts, and in 1890 the ‘Mitsubishi Corporation (the current Mitsubishi Group)’ obtained the land rights for the entire Marunouchi district, planning to build a major office district there. Designed with reference to London’s financial district, the red brick streetscape was even referred to as the ‘Iccho(100meter) London’ at the time. This was undoubtedly the epicenter of Japan’s civilization and modernization. Even over 100 years later, Marunouchi remains one of Japan’s most prominent business districts.

Incidentally, the red brick building known as the ‘Mitsubishi Ichigokan Museum’ is a reconstruction of the original ‘Mitsubishi Ichigokan’ office, designed by British architect Josiah Conder in 1894. As the first Western-style office building constructed by Mitsubishi in Tokyo’s Marunouchi, it is considered a symbolic structure of Japan’s modernization. Visiting The SG Tavern is sure to be a remarkable experience that can be complemented by also exploring this historical building and area.

The SG Tavern
Location:Marunouchi Eiraku Building 1st floor, 1-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
SG Group website:



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