‘Harakado’ Opens Near Meiji Shrine, Serving as a New Base for Culture Creators

On April 17, 2024, the commercial facility Tokyu Plaza Harajuku ‘Harakado,’ opened at the Jingumae intersection along Omotesando street by Meiji Shrine. It was established as a new space for cultivating and experiencing Harajuku culture. Considering the area’s rich history of nurturing diverse cultures, as well as the current era of widespread self-expression and social media communication, it was designed to inspire and engage a diverse range of people.


Following the opening of Harakado, the Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku, situated diagonally across from the intersection, was renamed Tokyu Plaza Omotesando ‘Omokado.’ The objective is to link multiple properties around the Meiji Shrine intersection and transform the entire Harajuku-Meiji Shrine area into a new hub for creating and sharing culture.


I’d now like to explain the layout of the facility along with my impressions from visiting it in person.

Firstly, Harakado consists of 2 basement floors and 6 above-ground floors. Here’s a brief overview:

B1: Public bath
G, 1F, 2F: Shopping floors
3F: Creators’ Area
4F: Experience space
5F, 6F: Dining
7F: Terrace

B1F: ‘Chikaichi’ Community Center with Public Baths

Named ‘Chikaichi’ because it’s located on the basement floor(chika(地下)=basement, ichi(1)=one in Japanese), it was created by Kosugiyu, a longstanding public bathhouse in Koenji established in 1933. Along with multiple partner companies involved, the concept behind Chikaichi emphasizes authenticity and aims to provide a welcoming environment where individuals can freely express themselves, free from status or formalities.

Partnering with ‘Kosugiyu Harajuku,’ the companies involved in creating this space include Kao Corporation, Dome Corporation (Under Armour), Sapporo Breweries Ltd., Setsu Planning Co., Ltd. (MYTREX beauty appliances), and others. These are known as the ‘Chikaichi Partners,’ and there are plans for further expansion in the future. Under Armour operates a running station, and Sapporo Breweries runs a beer stand, providing services that align with the concept and showcase their respective strengths.

Kosugiyu Harajuku

G・1F・2F: Trendy and Ethical Shopping Floors

On the shopping floors from G to 2F, you’ll find distinctive and Harajuku-style shops, while the dining floors on 5th and 6th offer a diverse lineup that everyone can enjoy.

Starting on the ground floor: The renowned members-only bar ‘CASBA,’ which has been instrumental in shaping Tokyo’s nightlife culture with notable figures from Japan and abroad, including fashion designers, has launched a storefront showcasing apparel collaborations with various creators.

The items are limited and once they are sold out, new creators will join in. The initial lineup features luxurious brands that have greatly influenced Shibuya and Harajuku culture, including UNDERCOVER and HYSTERIC GLAMOUR.

On the 1st floor, facing the street, you’ll find the world’s largest JO MALONE LONDON flagship store, along with a space inspired by 30 Montaigne, Dior’s flagship address in Paris (scheduled to open in fall 2024). Additionally, there will be Tokyo’s first directly operated Moleskine store, a store for the popular Japanese sake HINEMOS, and Hitotsubukanro, offering a variety of stylish gifts for different generations exclusive to this location.

On the 2nd floor, you’ll discover brands that prioritize ethical practices and exceptional design, like VIVAIA, which crafts shoes using sustainable materials that are gentle on the earth and designed with women’s comfort and well-being in mind. You’ll also find CLOUDY, offering goods made by artisans in Ghana and other regions of Africa. Additionally, the popular TENGA LAND is located on the same floor without separation, promoting an open and healthy perspective on sexuality, aiming to remove any taboo associations.


An attention-worthy feature is the magazine library COVER. Here, you can freely browse approximately 3,000 magazines published from the 1960s to the present at no cost. This collection is a valuable resource for finding inspiration in design and fashion. It also serves as a space where creators can meet, chat, and potentially form new connections. Stairs from here lead up to the 3rd Floor which is the creators’ floor.

3F: A Space for Creators to Connect with Companies and Individuals

On the 3rd floor, besides the shop, there are studios, galleries, offices, and a membership-based lounge. OSHI BASE Store Harajuku offers limited items created through collaborations with anime, games, and creators. The events and gallery spaces feature exhibitions and events where visitors can immerse themselves in the world of their favorite characters. COPY CORNER primarily operates as a printing factory but also includes a shop selling original products created on-site, providing both interesting experiences and opportunities to purchase unique goods.

At the membership-based creative lounge BABY The Coffee Brew Club, creators can gather in person to foster collaboration in a dynamic ‘creative social space.’ Members can enjoy access to the lounge and theater, as well as discounts on facility and space usage fees within Harakado. If you’re curious, you can register for a membership through the app and take advantage of a free trial on your first visit. For more details, visit here: https://baby.thecbc.jp/

4F: Entertainment Experience Floor

The 4th floor is curated in a Harajuku style to showcase diverse cultures and new entertainment, providing a borderless experience for everyone regardless of nationality, gender, or age. As the inaugural theme, the floor is titled ‘Harappa,’ offering a space centered around ‘Nature & Chillout’ × ‘Harajuku Experience,’ where you can enjoy installations akin to a campfire setting.

5F・6F・7F: Harajuku Town Dining

The 5th and 6th floors serve as dining areas where diverse groups gather, fostering new food cultures and connections. On the 5th floor, the interior layout resembles a lively alleyway with a variety of unique dining options, including cozy taverns that evoke a charming, alley-like atmosphere perfect for regular visits. The 6th floor, themed around ‘Relaxing at the Meiji Shrine Intersection,’ seamlessly connects a lush green lawn area with an expansive rooftop terrace, providing a space to unwind and enjoy personal time alone or with others.

The rooftop terrace on the 7th floor provides a sweeping view of the Meiji Shrine intersection. This lush garden space in the heart of the city is complemented by a pop-up area for food and drinks, where collaborative events with various companies are expected to take place.

Throughout the facility, there are features designed to inspire creativity and foster connections among people. In the past, places like CASBA served as ideal social hubs where creators gathered, sparking new connections. However, for the digital-native generation, meeting new people in real-life settings can be a challenge, and fewer people gather nightly with friends for drinks or other outings.

Harakado includes unexpected facilities like a bathhouse, library, lounge, and labs, alongside stylish shops and eateries. All these elements cater to the diverse interests and preferences of modern individuals, aiming to bring everyone together. It’s exciting to see what artworks and innovations will emerge from here as a base for those shaping the future of Harajuku culture.

Tokyu Plaza Harajuku ‘Harakado’
Business Hours:
Retail and Service Stores: 11:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Dining Establishments: 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Website: https://harakado.tokyu-plaza.com/en/


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