KEI Collection PARIS is now open, offering à la carte dining featuring cuisine by French 3 Michelin-starred chef, Kei Kobayashi.

On March 26, 2024, the Grill Gastronomy Restaurant KEI Collection PARIS opened on the 49th floor of Toranomon Hills Station Tower, which was inaugurated in October 2023.

Continuing the legacy of Chef Kei Kobayashi, owner-chef of the three-starred ‘Restaurant KEI’ in Paris, the newly opened establishment’s menu offers a selection of gastronomic appetizers that highlight the natural flavors of the ingredients. Guests can also enjoy à la carte dishes featuring meticulously prepared meats, fish, and vegetables, each with a focus on the art of cooking.

‘KEI Collection PARIS’ is situated on the top floor of the Toranomon Hills Station Tower, within the TOKYO NODE area. Perched atop the skyscraper, and featuring stunning views of the city’s night lights, it offers distinct hospitality centered around the concept of ‘an adult playground.’

Refining the Concepts of ‘Grill’ and ‘Gastronomy’

For the first time in Chef Kei Kobayashi’s restaurants, an à la carte format has been introduced. Patrons can now relish the experience of crafting their own course by selecting dishes from the menu, which showcase a daily-changing selection of ingredients. The ability to tailor their meal based on portion size, ingredients, and personal preferences creates an incredibly interactive and delightful dining experience.

At KEI Collection PARIS, the concept of ‘grill’ revolves around the art of searing. With a focus on maximizing the flavors of ingredients like meats, vegetables, lobster, and abalone, the chefs pay careful attention to the searing process. They employ various French techniques such as grilling, sautéing, pan-frying, and roasting, as well as traditional Japanese charcoal grilling. By fine-tuning cooking temperatures down to the exact degree Celsius, they draw out the innate deliciousness of the ingredient. Additionally, the appetizers and desserts feature handpicked ingredients sourced domestically and internationally, showcasing a blend of gastronomic creativity and playful innovation.

Monaka : Beni Fuji Salmon & Salmon Caviar – ¥1,500
Simmered Akagi Beef, Stone-Grilled Rolled Sushi, 1 piece – ¥1,500
Grilled Turban Shell with Seaweed Butter – ¥1,500
Smoked Blue Lobster – ¥11,000
Terrine Fromage Miqui – ¥1,200

Furthermore, a comprehensive wine collection featuring top-tier domains and a selection of spirits from around the world are also on offer, accompanied by numerous unique and original cocktails. The rooftop bar is scheduled to open on April 19th (Friday), offering an evening experience where guests can enjoy apéritifs, after-dinner drinks, and savor their beverages while gazing at the night skyline.

Extraordinary Experiences at Tokyo’s Highest Rooftop Bar

On April 19th (Friday), the rooftop bar will open. Set on an outdoor terrace at 250 meters above ground, it’s Tokyo’s highest rooftop bar and also features an infinity pool. As the temperature begins to warm up, it’s the perfect time to enjoy drinks while taking in the Tokyo skyline below and feeling the gentle breeze. Signature cocktails like Éternité, made with champagne and shiso juice extracted at the restaurant, are standouts on the menu and highly recommended. Whether it’s for an apéritif, relaxation post-dinner, or late-night revelry, this space offers an escape from the ordinary to savor unforgettable moments.


A Playground for the Sophisticated

The interior design of KEI Collection PARIS was led by Ryu Kosaka from A.N.D. It’s crafted to inspire gatherings of sophisticated individuals, fostering encounters and sparking new ideas for the future through social interactions over meals. Reflecting Chef Kei Kobayashi’s vision, the layout features counter seats and tables encircling the open kitchen, creating a stage-like setting where guests can intimately engage with the culinary magic.

The restaurant’s auditory ambiance is curated by the creative team at SOUND CoUTURE Inc., led by Yasuharu Okochi. With themes like ‘mature playground,’ ‘timeless luxury,’ and ‘contemporary classic,’ each area of the venue boasts its own unique acoustic atmosphere. Exclusive original compositions are featured in spaces like the VIP Room and Chef’s Room. Additionally, the ambiance is complemented by artworks from Mika Ninagawa, Studio Sawada Design, and more.

A message from Kei Kobayashi:
When I stood at the top of TOKYO NODE, 250 meters above ground, overlooking Tokyo’s night skyline beyond the pool, I envisioned creating a unique restaurant experience that evoked a sense of the extraordinary. Contemplating the kind of place I’d personally enjoy visiting regularly, the concept of ‘A Playground for the Sophisticated’ came to mind. KEI Collection PARIS strives to be a space where one can engage in deep conversations about the future with close friends, encounter like-minded individuals, and find inspiration. It’s a place where we embrace splendid ingredients that change daily, draw inspiration from them, and aim to elevate their flavors to the fullest. Unlike Restaurant KEI, here we offer a daily menu crafted from carefully selected ingredients, allowing guests to savor their meals in a style that suits them best. From Toranomon, we will continue to share the new embodiment of ‘KEI’ with the world.

Kei Kobayashi
Kei Kobayashi began his culinary journey at Tokyu Harvest Club Tateshina in his hometown of Nagano, where he learned the foundations of French cuisine. At the age of 21, he ventured to France, undertaking an apprenticeship under chef Gilles Goujon at the esteemed Auberge du Vieux Puits in southern France. Further refining his skills, he immersed himself in regional cuisines across southern France and Alsace. In 2003, he joined Alain Ducasse’s three-star Plaza Athénée in Paris. In 2011, seizing an opportunity, he assumed ownership of a restaurant from renowned chef Gérard Besson and launched his own venture, Restaurant KEI, in a prime Parisian location. His culinary prowess earned him one Michelin star in 2012, followed by two stars in 2017. Notably, he became the first Asian chef to secure three Michelin stars in the French cuisine category of the French Michelin Guide in 2020. This remarkable achievement was further solidified on March 18, 2024, marking his fifth consecutive year of maintaining the prestigious three-star rating. Kobayashi’s cuisine, characterized by its delicate expression of his exceptional aesthetic sense, sensitivity, and visionary approach, continues to garner widespread acclaim.

KEI Collection PARIS
Address: Toranomon Hills Station Tower TOKYO NODE 49F
Hours: 17:30-23:00
*Bar operation starts from April 19th (Friday) (until 26:00)
Closed: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
*Subject to change due to private use, etc. Please check the website for details.
Official Instagram: @keicollectionparis



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