Jeff Mills Presents THE TRIP: Enter The Black Hole — A Spectacular Cosmic Opera Exploring the Mysteries of the Universe, Premiering in Tokyo

On April 1st, 2024, DJ and producer Jeff Mills, along with the audio-visual powerhouse COSMIC LAB, will present THE TRIP: Enter The Black Hole. The theatrical work delves into questions about the universe and black holes while bringing together notable collaborators, including prominent Japanese artists and designers.

Jeff Mills, one of the founding fathers of Techno music, is well known for his contributions to the genre, initially as a founding member of the radical techno collective Underground Resistance in the late 80s, followed by his successful solo career. He has received international recognition for his work as DJ and producer, and his artistry also extends beyond music. Delving into mediums such as installations, films, and sculpture, his work has been shown at exhibits internationally.

Jeff Mills, Image courtesy of THE TRIP -Enter The Black Hole-

THE TRIP’s inception

Influenced by a fascination with sci-fi movies and space travel from a young age, THE TRIP was created, and the debut performance took place during the Art Paris event in 2008 at the Grand Palais. The initial version drew from over 100 sci-fi movies and explored the concept of space travel. Practical themes included the rigors of space travel such as getting used to zero gravity, and the absence of day and night distinctions, while the potential risks or unimaginable outcomes were also posed. The 90-minute presentation interwove film, visual art, and sound, creating an immersive experience that invited audiences into a cosmic adventure like no other.

Over the years, as technology advanced, the project expanded, and in 2016, it made its way to Tokyo at the Hamarikyu Asahi Hall. The 90-minute production was done in collaboration with COSMIC LAB and delivered another deeply immersive audio-visual encounter. Taking the audience on a voyage through the uncharted realms of space and time, it stirred emotions, blending the mesmerizing beauty of rhythm with awe-inspiring chaos.

Now in 2024, Jeff Mills brings his next expansion to Tokyo with THE TRIP: Enter The Black Hole. This next installment is focused on the phenomena of ‘Black Holes’, posing the possibility of our universe originating from one and also exploring what if we could enter one and explore what lies on the other side. These questions and more will be explored through five theoretical scenarios, in a production that transcends a DJ set or a live performance. It’s a comprehensive stage art piece that will transform the entire venue into a cosmic space and envelope the audience in sound and light, guiding them toward and into the black hole. The multi-sensory experience described as ‘the world’s first cosmic opera,’ will be an absolute spectacle with new themes, further advanced tech, and an expanded creative vision.

An Array of Collaborators

This installment of THE TRIP will also bring together distinguished collaborators from various fields including music, visuals, lighting, singing, contemporary dance, and costume design.

COSMIC LAB founder and visual artist C.O.L.O, Image courtesy of THE TRIP -Enter The Black Hole-

Under the artistic direction of Jeff Mills, COSMIC LAB will extend the cosmic perspective through visual production. With deep roots in underground party culture and the art scene, COSMIC LAB is a multimedia collaboration of artists exploring new audio-visual experiences by blending art and technology. Based in Osaka and with ideals born at the Burning Man Festival and roots at the art party Flower of Life, they are well-known for audacious works including VJ visuals, music videos, visual installations, and performance art. Their contribution to producing 2016’s THE TRIP was pivotal, and after 8 years, this next installment will see them once again take an active role with visual co-direction, and deepen their conviction and mission to expand consciousness. The one-night only world premiere will be significantly enhanced with state-of-the-art sound and lighting at the venue, ZEROTOKYO, and COSMIC LAB on board.

Jun Togawa, Image courtesy of THE TRIP -Enter The Black Hole-

Joining THE TRIP as a vocalist is Japanese cult singer and actress Jun Togawa. Best known for her 1985 song ‘Suki Suki Daisuki’, she’s recognized as one of the greatest influences on Japanese avant-garde music and media. Her career spans over decades, with time as part of the Showa-era band Guernica that performed avant-garde pastiche of inter-war European music, and also as a solo artist. She also took on roles as a director, screenwriter, and lead actress. In addition, she has been part of stage productions and has also authored a number of books. Jun Togawa was also asked to write music for the project and created 2 songs, ‘Contradiction’ and ‘Hole’ which are on the THE TRIP digital album that was recently released. With her music and performance being a vital part of this installment, her eccentric and unconventional style will undoubtedly add a spectacular touch to THE TRIP.

Hiroaki Umeda, Image courtesy of THE TRIP -Enter The Black Hole-

Not limited to audio-visual expression, the production also enlists choreographer and multidisciplinary artist Hiroaki Umeda. Known for his cross-disciplinary expression in contemporary dance and digital art, he’s now recognized as one of the leading figures of the Japanese avant-garde art scene. Since 2002, his choreographic works have been showcased at venues worldwide, including the Theatre national Chaillot in Paris, with performances in over 40 countries and more than 150 cities. He’s been commissioned to create choreography by renowned companies and festivals, and also ventured into creating installations focusing on physical sensations. Umeda’s approach integrates his strong digital background, expanding beyond traditional dance, encompassing optical, auditory, senatorial and spatiotemporal components. With a deep fascination for choreographing time and space, Umeda’s repertoire extends to composition, lighting design, scenography and visual artistry.

Fashion designer Hiromichi Ochiai, Image courtesy of THE TRIP -Enter The Black Hole-

The stage costumes for all artists are also designed by Hiromichi Ochiai from the brand FACETASM. Ochiai launched his own brand FACETASM 2007, which has experienced a meteoric rise across the global fashion scene over the years. Ochiai’s pieces are known to incorporate familiar silhouettes with unexpected detailing, asymmetrical cuts, and masterful layering. Additionally, Ochiai has collaborated with multiple brands including Coca Cola and Levi’s. He was also involved in costume production for the closing ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics and Paralympics in the Flag Handover Ceremony held in the same year. Now, Ochiai brings his genre-bending approach to Jeff Mill’s cosmic opera.

Jeff Mills has visited Japan on multiple occasions, however this visit is poised to be monumental, with THE TRIP transcending the techno music that sparked his initial career and showcasing his ventures into new territories. It’s a peek into the mind of a master at work, an expression of interstellar obsession, and a timepiece along Mill’s journey as an artist. With remarkable Japanese collaborators also involved, and the premiere taking place in Tokyo, it’s a momentous occasion. For techno aficionados, and contemporary art enthusiasts alike, the night will undoubtedly be a mesmerizing and unforgettable cosmic odyssey.

Jeff Mills will perform THE TRIP: Enter The Black Hole on Monday April 1st at ZEROTOKYO, with 2 shows taking place through the evening. Tickets can be purchased online via the official site or ZEROTOKYO.

COSMIC LAB presents
JEFF MILLS “THE TRIP -Enter The Black Hole-”
supported by AUGER

Venue:ZEROTOKYO, Tokyu Kabukicho Tower
Schedule:Monday, April 1, 2024
 1st Show:Doors open 17:30 / Start 18:30 / End 20:00
 2nd Show:Doors open 21:00 / Start 21:45 / End 23:15 *Reception for Part 2 is 20:30
Advance admission ticket ¥11,000
 Official Online Ticket:



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