Embrace the Philosophy of Maison Telmont with the Launch of ‘Réserve de la Terre’ (Organic)

On June 11, 2024, a press event was held at TENOHA Daikanyama to celebrate the launch of Champagne brand Telmont’s new flagship cuvée, ‘Réserve de la Terre (Organic).’

Reverence for Terroir

The Champagne house Maison Telmont, established in 1912, launched the ‘In the Name of Mother Nature’ project in 2021, aiming to produce high-quality champagne while minimizing environmental impact. Although the transition to organic farming is gradually progressing in the Champagne region, only 5% of vineyards are currently certified organic. This certification requires the complete cessation of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, and chemical fertilizers, presenting a significant challenge.

The newly launched Réserve de la Terre represents the culmination of over a decade of Maison Telmont’s efforts in organic farming and embodies their vision. This champagne fully embodies the strength and character of the terroir.

Termon Réserve de la Terre
Alcohol content: 12%
Volume: 750ml
Retail price: 12,600 yen (excluding tax)
Available at: Nationwide department stores and other retailers

This Champagne features a restrained dosage (2.5g/L of sugar) that highlights its fruity simplicity. It offers a refreshing aroma reminiscent of green apples and a gentle acidity that fades into a subtle bitterness akin to yuzu peel.

TELMONT x CIRTY CAFÉ Collaborative Menu

The launch event was held at TENOHА Daikanyama, a venue that resonates with Telmont’s vision. TENOHА is the home of the ‘CIRTY’ (Circular) initiative, which focuses on contemplating sustainability within the urban context and actively promoting circular economy practices and awareness.

Nestled amidst greenery and basking in the gentle early summer light, the press session took place in this idyllic setting – a seamless match for Telmont’s ethos. The tranquil, nature-infused surroundings created an ideal atmosphere for guests to immerse themselves in the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Justin Mead, the CHAMPAGNE TELMONT GLOBAL Executive Director, delivered a presentation, followed by a panel discussion. Joining Justin Mead were Nobuyoshi Mizutani, the Secretary General of the non-profit organization more trees, and Mayumi Kikukawa, the Director, CMO and CBO of Tree Full Co., Ltd.

The three representatives shared insights into the unique challenges they face in their respective fields, while underscoring the paramount importance of sustainable initiatives.

Justin Mead, Nobuyoshi Mizutani, Mayo Kikukawa

The launch party also featured a tasting, where CIRTY CAFÉ presented a selection of menu items specially developed to complement the Réserve de la Terre. Staying true to CIRTY’s holistic philosophy, these dishes were crafted using circular materials and production methods, with a focus on energy-efficient local sourcing and the incorporation of fresh ingredients harvested from the venue’s own rooftop garden.

Left: Herb Falafel with Homemade Ketchup and Sesame Sauce
Right: Treviso, Citrus, and Beet Salad

This special menu will be available for a limited time from June 12th (Wed) to June 30th (Sun) at the CIRTY CAFÉ, as a collaborative offering with Telmont.

Period: June 12 (Wed) 12:00 - June 30 (Sun) 19:00 (L.O. 18:30)
Location: Forestgate Daikanyama TENOHA, CIRTY CAFÉ
Menu Offering:
Collaboration Pairings 2,550 JPY (incl. tax)
One pairing dish + Réserve de la Terre (Organic) by the glass

Considering Maison Telmont and CIRTY CAFÉ’s ongoing commitment to challenging the future of the Earth’s environment, the question to ask is, what can we, as consumers, do? When we ‘choose’ where we spend our time and resources, we are essentially voting for the future. If we envision a future where exceptional Champagne, grapes, and beautiful forests continue to thrive, our choices will naturally align with that aspiration.

Maison Telmont



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