Experience Autumn Like Never Before in Karuizawa at SHISHI-IWA-HOUSE

Shishi-iwa House Karuizawa, known for its buildings designed by renowned architects, have announced a special four-night, five-day accommodation package to truly enjoy the autumn season in Karuizawa.

Both programs, ‘Karuizawa Epicurean Escape’ (October 6-10) and ‘Ascending Mt. Asama & Kamikochi’ (October 27-31), are set during the peak of the autumn foliage season. When we previously featured Shishi-iwa House Karuizawa in ZEROMILE, it was summertime with vibrant green landscapes. In autumn, however, those greens transform into fiery reds and golds, offering a completely different and stunning experience. (https://en.z-mile.com/experience/shishi-iwa-house_karuizawa/)

Program 1: Karuizawa Epicurean Escape

This program, crafted for passionate food lovers, celebrates the specialties and traditions of Nagano. Guests will enjoy dining at renowned local spots such as Shishi-iwa House’s ‘Shola,’ the traditional kaiseki restaurant ‘Kuroiwa Muni,’ and the French restaurant ‘Hermitage de Tamura.’ Additionally, there are must-see tours of food production sites.

Led by Shola’s executive chef, Masashi Okamoto, participants will visit farms, apiaries, Wagyu cattle ranches, wineries, sake breweries, local supermarkets, and traditional Japanese confectionery shops, immersing themselves in the rich food culture of Nagano. Evenings feature special tasting sessions of locally crafted gin, sake, and wine.

First image : Kuroiwa Muni
Second image : Duca farm

In addition, guests can enjoy an authentic soba-making experience. This unique opportunity allows participants to learn the craft from local soba artisans in Karuizawa, a region renowned for its soba-making expertise.

Dates: October 6th to 10th, 2024 (4 nights, 5 days)
Cost: ¥465,000 per person for double occupancy (excluding consumption tax and 15% service charge)
*Includes meals, various activities, and round-trip transfers from Karuizawa Station.

Program2: Ascending Mt. Asama & Kamikochi

This program is perfect for those seeking to explore their inner selves and gain fresh perspectives. As participants ascend Mount Asama, once worshipped as a sacred site in mountain worship, they’ll be sure to marvel at Nagano’s stunning vistas. Then, delving into the Kamikochi National Park, known as the gateway to the Japanese Alps, where the breathtaking scenery is said to rival that of Patagonia and Yosemite. Through guided hikes accompanied by explanations about Shintoism and nature, participants get a firsthand feel for why Japan has long revered the mystical power of natural phenomena. Plus, there are a variety of soothing activities like yoga, stretching sessions, shiatsu massages, and relaxing hot springs.

Dining comprises dishes that bring out the charm of local ingredients at ‘Shola’ in Shishi-iwa House, traditional kaiseki cuisine at ‘Kuroiwa Muni,’ and a fusion of Japanese and French cuisine at Hermitage de Tamura. Plus, guests can join tasting sessions of wines, sake, and craft gin provided by producers from Nagano.

Dates: October 27th to 31st, 2024 (4 nights, 5 days)
Cost: ¥465,000 per person for double occupancy (excluding consumption tax and 15% service charge)
*Includes meals, various activities, and round-trip transfers from Karuizawa Station.

Surrounded by trees radiating beautiful colors during the day and indulging in luxurious sleep within renowned architecture at night—this promises to be a unique and immersive experience that can only be found at Shishi-iwa House in Karuizawa.

Shishi-iwa House



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