Mademoiselle Yulia Releases Arimatsu Shibori Yukata Perfect for Summer

Mademoiselle Yulia, the multi-talented kimono stylist and DJ, has collaborated with Hashizume Shoten, a long-established kimono store in Nagoya. Together, they have produced two types of Arimatsu Shibori yukata, branded as ‘Yulia and Arimatsu Shibori.’

Arimatsu Shibori: Quintessential for Summer

Arimatsu Shibori stands apart from other dyed yukata as it doesn’t require ironing or starching to maintain its unique texture. This results in a softer fabric with better breathability, making it ideal for staying cool during hot summers. The distinctive textured surface prevents the fabric from clinging to the skin, helping the Yukata to stay neat and in place.

The collaboration between fourth-generation shop owner Shunichiro Hashizume and Mademoiselle Yulia, both fashion aficionados, has resulted in yukata that honor the tradition and craftsmanship of Arimatsu Shibori. Their designs are timeless and suitable for all ages, combining modern sensibilities with respect for traditional techniques.

Modern Design with a Touch of Elegance

■Ryuen (Willow and Swallow)

The Ryuen design is inspired by traditional motifs from the archives of Arimatsu Shibori. The pattern features the willow, a plant associated with strong vitality and good fortune, and the swallow, a bird symbolizing summer and considered auspicious in Japan since ancient times. Depicted using kanoko shibori technique and dyed in deep indigo, this piece has a sleek and elegant design, perfect for wearing as is, as a yukata, or with a collar as a summer kimono.

The spider web pattern has long been known as a symbol of good fortune, capturing happiness and dreams, both in Japan and abroad. This versatile piece, finished in a sophisticated greige, can be worn not only as a yukata but also with a white undergarment for various occasions such as dinner parties or dates. Its modern color and design offer endless styling possibilities.


◼Product Overview
Release: Ready-to-Wear Yukata in Two Styles (Willow and Swallow / Spider Web)
Price: Willow and Swallow ¥154,000 (tax included), Spider Web ¥143,000 (tax included)
Yukata Size: One Size (suitable for heights 155cm–165cm) Length/163cm, Sleeve Length/49cm, Sleeve Width/68cm, 100% Cotton
*All products are handmade, so there may be slight variations.

■Sale Information
Pre-order can be made online
Sales site:
*Delivery is expected around January 2025

■In-Store Events
Date: 7/20 (Sat)
Location: Hankyu Umeda Main Store, 11th Floor, Kimono Section ‘Kotokoto Stage 113’
Website :
Reservation site:

Date: 8/3 (Sat)
Location: JR Nagoya Takashimaya, 11th Floor, Kimono Salon
*Reservation information to be announced later



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