ATELIER MATCHA, the Café Offering High-Quality Matcha in a Relaxed Ambiance, Has Moved to Ginza

The matcha cafe ATELIER MATCHA, where you can casually enjoy premium matcha, relocated and celebrated its reopening in Ginza on November 15, 2023.


Bringing MATCHA’s Third Wave to a Global Audience

ATELIER MATCHA opened its doors in Nihonbashi in 2021 with the vision of offering an authentic experience to enjoy the true flavors and culture of Japanese-grown matcha. This joint venture involves TZEN Corporation, focused on promoting Japan’s traditional culture globally, and the well-established tea merchant from Kyoto Uji, Yamamasa Koyamaen, boasting a 160-year history. Now, in pursuit of its mission to spread the ‘Third Wave of MATCHA’ worldwide, the cafe has chosen the bustling hub of Ginza to attract an even larger audience.

ATELIER MATCHA is located at the intersection near the ‘Ginza Chugakko Iriguchi’ in Ginza’s 8th district. The inviting ‘engawa’ seats, which were well received at the Nihonbashi branch, are still a feature at the Ginza location. With the aim of accommodating more visitors, the seating capacity has been expanded from 16 to 27 seats.

TZEN Corporation’s CEO, Chitose Nagao (pictured left), expressed, ‘Given Ginza’s historical significance as a cultural hub in Japan and its popularity among international visitors, I thought it would be an excellent location not only to showcase the charm of matcha but also to share the rich tea culture.’

According to Ms Nagao, the current surge in matcha’s popularity is being referred to as the ‘Third Wave.’ In the First Wave, there was a boom in the traditional tea ceremony culture, where people indulged in high-quality matcha in tea rooms. The Second Wave brought about the use of matcha in sweets, leading to the rise of matcha ice cream and lattes in the early 2000s. Now, it appears we’re in a phase where people are enjoying premium matcha in a café-style setting. In recent years, even within Japan, there has been a noticeable increase in matcha cafes operated by established tea gardens and merchants.

Mr. Koyama (pictured on the right), from Yamamasa Koyamaen, serves as both the matcha supplier and the planner for ATELIER MATCHA. With the advent of this Third Wave, he hopes that people can discover and enjoy a more liberated approach to experiencing matcha.

While matcha sweets have become common, matcha as a beverage hasn’t entirely found its way into everyday life, perhaps due to its strong association with traditional tea ceremonies. This is the reason why matcha is intentionally served in a glass at ATELIER MATCHA, facilitating a more relaxed and accessible approach to enjoying it as a drink without the constraints of formalities.

Exciting New Additions to the Menu

■Afternoon Tea
Introducing the ‘Ginza MATCHA Afternoon Tea,’ a special offering to celebrate the relocation. Indulge in a lavish array of MATCHA-infused sweets and treats, exclusively available by reservation.

Price: ¥6,300 (tax included)
*Includes a serving of ‘Usucha Ogurayama’ and your choice of one drink (excluding special drinks).

■ Gochisou Matcha Drink
Experience new flavors for the fall and winter season with the latest additions to the popular menu that include the Gochisou Matcha Drink, a thick and rich matcha sauce that enhances each dish when poured over.

Matcha Apple Pie Shake – Featuring apple sauce at the bottom, a center of vanilla shake, topped with crispy pie crust and aromatic almonds. Finished with a blend of cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, resembling an all-spice mix. (Also available without spices)

Matcha Caramel Mont Blanc – Layers of Mont Blanc cream at the bottom, caramel shake in the center, topped with piped Mont Blanc cream, whole chestnuts, and powdered sugar.

Price: ¥890 (tax included)

■Matcha Sweets
In addition, among the new sweets, the much-requested Matcha Mochi Daifuku has made its debut.
As a limited edition offering for autumn and winter, the Caramel Pumpkin Pie has a distinct taste with a bitter flavor that complements the rich matcha. Additionally, there’s a revival of the much-requested Matcha Fruits Fondue for those eagerly anticipating its return.

Matcha Mochi Daifuku:Price: ¥550 (tax included)
Caramel Pumpkin Pie:Price: ¥850 (tax included)

Taste Report

I had the opportunity to taste three new items ahead of their launch.

The Matcha Mochi Daifuku has a rich matcha cream inside that effortlessly complements the light sweetness of the red bean paste, creating a refreshing taste. Even though I’m not particularly fond of sweet treats, it was so delightful that I felt I could easily indulge in another half.

The Caramel Pumpkin Pie features a crispy, brûlée-like top layer of custard cream, that enhances the richness of the matcha when paired together. This dish was crafted with the intention of savoring matcha in a new way that extends beyond the more traditional dishes that exclusively use matcha.

Following that was the Matcha Caramel Mont Blanc with the rich matcha sauce.

Each spoonful of this dish is a luxurious harmony of chestnut, caramel, and matcha that imbues the mouth with flavor. Drizzle a bit of bittersweet thick sauce halfway through, altering the balance with matcha and shake, and you’ll find it’s repeatedly delicious each time. It is undoubtedly a highly recommended treat that truly satisfies. It also features the kind of volume that resembles more of a parfait than a drink, making for a unique treat. You might even feel tempted to order an extra serving of matcha to accompany it, and it pairs well with warm hojicha too.

Inside the store, a section dedicated to tools for enjoying matcha such as chasens for mixing, canisters, traditional cups, and more. There is also a retail corner with premium matcha from Yamamasa Koyamaen, so customers can purchase their favorite varieties and the necessary tools to enjoy an authentic experience at home.

Whether you adore matcha sweets, haven’t experienced the pure taste of matcha, or are already deeply immersed in the art of tea, this café provides an opportunity to delve deeper and rediscover the enchantment of matcha.

Don’t miss out, and embrace the third wave of matcha!

Address: 1F, Higashi Ginza Building, 8-18-4 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Business hours: 8:00-18:00 (L.O. 17:45)
Closed: Every Tuesday

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